About Us

EONS Auto Care Center: Expert, On-time, No-nonsense Service

It’s more than a name; it’s how we do business! Our customers will accept nothing less.

We want customers who think differently about car care and expect more. We want to provide an experience that demonstrates your time, money, and trust are valued.

EONS was created on best practices created from over thirty years of exposure to the best shops and owners in the country. We have created systems that allow you EXPERT, ON-TIME, NO-NONSENSE SERVICE. We understand you have choices when it comes to selecting car care, so we aim to value your time, money, and goals for your vehicle.

You are always in control. We work for you. We are different because our staff will take the time to listen to your needs and offer you repair choices based on what we hear. EONS promises to clearly communicate our assessment of your vehicle’s status with a scaling system that simplifies decision making and gets you safely back on the road.