Keeping Your AC Chill on Hot Summer Days

Summer is coming soon!  Now is the time to think about making sure your air conditioning is ready for family vacations, weekend getaways, spontaneous day trips, not to mention daily commutes for work and errands.  Hours spent in a hot, stifling vehicle can spoil the best of plans.  Begin by taking just a moment to analyze your system’s current performance with the questions below.  If you realize your vehicle’s air conditioning requires some attention, schedule an appointment with EONS Auto Care Center to have your system professionally inspected and repaired. We can have you prepared to stay chill on the road all summer long!

Does A/C system cool OK?

Does the fan/blower work at all speeds?

Is the fan/blower noisy?

Do all the dash controls work OK?

Is A/C noisy when turned on?

Does car stall or idle funny when A/C is on?

Does your car overheat?

Has the A/C filter/dryer ever been replaced?

When was the A/C system serviced last?

Does A/C or heater smell?

EONS Auto Care Center is ready to service your air conditioning!  Call us today!


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